Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cappadocian Travelogue: Up Close and Personal Part II

Blog Update: I decided to send two posts per day. We have long since been home from Cappadocia and said goodbye to our dear friends. But I had so many good pictures thanks to Uncle Kia Hwa, I wanted to post many of them here. Hope you are enjoying them and can keep up with two posts per day!
Now: on to Up Close and Personal Part II
I love to hear this one pray.
This one has a strong loyalty to those she loves, which will take her far in life.
This one never meets a challenge she is unwilling to take. Scraped knees prove it.
This one I never expected to have and made me a mommy late in life. No regrets.
I haven't forgotten Perma-Baby. She is tomorrow!
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Anonymous said...

LOVED THIS POST!!! Absolutely!

I quit Facebook for now because all I could do was talk about my kids. I am so proud of what they are doing, and like you with yours, so in love with them all. You would think you would get pass that, wouldn't you, but I never have. I probably need to blog instead, but I am bad at taking pictures. I hate talking about myself but love to talk about each and every little thing about my kids.

Anyway, point being, you have at least one (and many more I am sure) in your audience when it comes to reading about your kids and their adventures because I enjoy hearing all about them and all about you and Ross, as well. (I still say you should write a book about your time in Turkey.)

I giggled at two posts a day and thought, "If she only knew!" Looking forward to reading two a day. You will spoil your readers!


Anonymous said...

Ben is your twin Sara . . . I can see a glimmer of Ross every once in a while, but he is very definitely your son. Esther is looking like her Fish cousins I think. I see the resemblance there.

Jenny said...

Don't you have 5 kids?!?!

Missy said...

Oh Sara! they're beautiful! I miss them so much and cant wait to see them sooN!

Anonymous said...

I love that you know them. That probably sounds weird, but I love that you know what makes them individual and unique. Does that make sense?

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