Thursday, March 6, 2008

A diverse place

The country of Turkey is very diverse. We live in the capital city Ankara. This is a view of our city from the street just behind our street. But when we get out of Ankara, we see village life. Here is a picture I stopped to take on my way back to Ankara one time. This man was proud to have me take his picture.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Last night just after we finished our meal of leftovers, I noticed this amazing skyline. Annika quickly ran and grabbed her disposable camera (given to her by her Aunt Boo last summer and lovingly guarded all year for 'just the right picture' on which to use those remaining 10 shots). This photo I borrowed from a friend who also witnessed the sky last night.

Our weather turned warm this weekend. The girls actually got to wear woolen shawls to church rather than heavy winter coats. This morning I realized it had gotten chilly again and advised against wearing the shawls for walking to school. The words had not been out of my mouth 10 minutes when I glanced outside and saw more snowfall! After such harsh winters here, Spring is very welcomed.

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