Saturday, April 18, 2015

Visit From Family: Celebration

After Kaan the Pilot safely landed our balloon, the balloon company met us with champagne in the field. As tradition goes, French aeronauts carried champagne to appease angry spectators upon their landing!

We also appreciated some breakfast juice for all of us non-champagne drinkers!

And nearly as much fun was getting to climb in the Land Rover, which drove us through the mud and fields to get back home!

 It was a wonderful experience, and we are so appreciative we got to do it!

Visit From Family: Landing

After an hour of flying high above this beautiful landscape, we approached our landing spot (dictated by the wind). Incidentally, we spotted the cave, below, Miss Middler found long ago (a church). We searched hard for it back in the Fall when our friends were here hiking with us and never found it that day!

Our pilot confirmed he had to be careful where he landed, or he might have a farmer or two angry with him on this beautiful morning!

As we neared the ground, he told us to get in landing position. We had to crouch down into the basket and hold onto openings in the basket. The little people had to sit inside of a big person. Big Ben didn't need to be told twice. He jumped into his sister's protective spot for him.

We bumped a little and rocked a little, but overall had a very smooth and safe landing! We noted other baskets with occupants who stood during landing, not instructed to be in a landing position. We also watched one basket touch down several times before it stopped.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Visit From Family: High Flying

The scenery was indescribable!

We kept seeing from so far up the little caves we had explored!

Ancient shelves, likely for candles.

We flew right over this flag, thinking we might hit it!

There were so many balloons out that day. Perhaps the rainy weather earlier had delayed many until this day.

The colors on the landscape always amaze me. Straight lines where water receded speak of the Flood.

Soon, we would need to get in our landing position!

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