Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ankara in Two Days V

I have two last sweet memories from this amazing week the team was here. My sis-in-law and I found a quick hour to slip away. I wanted to show her where we are looking at moving in the next year, when our school moves to the new campus. The location has not been officially announced, but as the time gets closer, we are looking at moving to a house closer to the new school. We drove through the neighbhorhood, just so she could have a mental picture of it. Then, just as we were leaving, we spotted these sheep and goats. She had really been wanting to see some on our road trip, but because we flew instead of driving from Antalya, we hadn't seen any. Then God put some right in our new "backyard."

Our final meeting was a send off and just a time to say thanks to them. Here's the team and our family in our home. We are so thankful they came!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ankara in Two Days IV

Probably one of the biggest highlights for all of us was our little trip down to the shack neighborhood at the edge of our town. We took food collected by the kids at school to distribute to some needy families living near us. This little gal was sobbing and would not be consoled. I later saw a picture of her, grinning ear to ear, next to one of the team members. It warmed my heart to see the rest of the story that day.

There are a couple of families that I recognize. I felt it was safe to accept their invitation to come in. They offered us tea, which we declined. But we did go in and greet them and spend a few minutes with them.

There are two families living in this small house. The patriarch told us this was one of his grandbabies.

We asked if we could pray for him. He simply asked that we pray for the health of all his children and grandchildren.

It was memorable for us. My new strategy for delivering Christmas boxes with my students is to find out the names and ages of all these kids, then assign a kid to each student.

We took one last picture as we left. This handsome refugee young man saw his opportunity to get in a picture with these pretty lasses. His folks and we both laughed at his amazing timing.

Beautiful people, beautiful day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ankara in Two Days III

We really wanted the team to see the school and get a little taste of what an awesome place it is! They gave of their talents and gifts to serve us for the two days they were in our city.

Character Building classes....

Subbing so teachers could have a little time to work on long-term planning....

Lunch and recess duties....

Teacher training....

Bible classes...

Music classes...(how many times did you say that you sang Old McDonald, guys?)

Parenting seminars....


And just some good ol' hugs and reminders that we are loved and not forgotten! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ankara in Two Days II

We spent nearly an hour in the rug shop! It was fun. We had one more hour to spend before needing to head back to school. So, we went up to the castle.

Serdar Bey was such a big help to me. Everywhere I needed to take them, he helped me drive to have enough seats for everyone.

I let Firstborn skip the morning at school to go with us.

It was a beautiful day, and they loved Ulus as much as we do!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ankara in Two Days I

I had some little Turks who were awfully excited to see their Aunt Boo and to dig into the presents she brought. She stayed in our home, along with two teens, once we got back home.

I wanted my older girls to get to host the teens on the team. It was like one big slumber party!

They would be boarding a plane on Thursday, so I had 2 quick days to show them the town and let them volunteer with our school children. First stop, Ulus. It was Ataturk's death date, so we got to spy on a sweet little village school honoring him.

I took them into a shop where I have taken many people. They loved the rug shopping process.

Pile them.

Think about them.

Choose them.

Drink tea.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day to Tour II

It killed me not to be able to take them to any more historical sites, but our time was so limited. We knew we wanted to see the main Biblical site, Perge. We had just a couple of hours and needed to stay near the airport. CC suggested I take them to the downtown harbor. It's beautiful, and it is where St. Paul docked.

K and I are in there. Somewhere.

 It truly was breathtaking! The natural harbor is the same. 2000 years didn't change much.

We lunched at a little seaside restaurant. Options were pide, kofte (meatballs), doner (shredded chicken).

We sailed through security, except for K's Antalya rocks. They flagged them. They told her she had to take out the bigger ones. She gave them a sad face. The security guard winked and stuck them back in when his supervisor left. We live in a "wink wink" country. And that's not all bad.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Day to Tour

I asked the team to stay one extra day at the coast. We worked hard for the weekend. I wanted them to rest up and see at least a couple of spots down there.

Most of us went to the beach for a quick (cold) swim in the Med.

The next morning we were up bright and early for one last breakfast and a quick trip to Perge.

We wanted to do a group photo. You know I have issues with camera timers. Big issues. My worst nightmare came true. Here's me. I set it up. I did not navigate my path to the picture prior to the click. Spectators said dust was flying.




Click. We would not stop laughing.

Take two.

The teens posed at the ancient game board.

Walking the steps of St. Paul.

We toured fast, but we did make it up to the 6th century church. I found a cross I'd never seen before.

It was so fun for me to share this time with my friend S. She's been my buddy since grade 7.

My heart was blessed by this guy. He came to help with the sound system and to lead worship. I discovered over breakfast on day 4 that my mom was his 5th grade teacher. Another small message to me from God.

"Team There" all together.

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