Sunday, December 9, 2018

More Fall Fun

This first picture is not "fun" at all, but look at that sweet face! After the Istanbul soccer tournament, Miss Middler could not straighten her leg and was having pain. It just wasn't going away, so we went to the doctor. He diagnosed her with bone bruising. She had to sit out for a couple weeks, wear a brace, and use crutches. There's nothing like a teenager who discovers that hopping on one leg is much quicker than using crutches!

Miss Middler loves her Spanish teacher. She is just fabulous and does so many creative projects like these pinatas.

I really have no words for this one. But I'll try. We had the Fall Carnival and the seniors always create a spooky house. They have the most fun coming up with scary costumes and make up. So that strange girl on the left is my daughter. She has in some kind of contacts. And that is paint on her shirt. She scares me to death. But she was funny and sweet to all the little kids who came in the spooky house.

Miss Middler dressed as the bunny from Zootopia. She is the master costume designer in our family!

And for whatever reason, that night I decided to wear all black, throw on a hat, and wear the wig I bought this summer for a dollar. It was fun to dress up!

Fall in our city was beautiful.

While CC went out of town, my friend L and I got to attend the Italian Armed Forces Day. It involves lots of uniforms, lots of pasta, and lots of Parmesan cheese. We had a good time!

This sweet baby.....

Big Ben Hits Two Digits!

It is just so hard for us to believe Big Ben has turned 10! He wanted to have some buddies go to the mall to play laser tag. So, we rounded them all up and went for pizza and cake (and ice cream!!! Because we are Campbells after all. We must have ice cream!).

The boys played against the three sisters. I won't post publicly here who won!!! ;)

Big Ben has great friends and a really fun night. We are so proud for the young man he is becoming.

Sweet Cheeks Signs Up

This year our school started our first ever middle school sports teams. We have just grown to the size that it seems it is time to do it. It looked like there would not be enough girls to have a middle school girls' team. I approached Sweet Cheeks and asked her to just try it so we could have enough girls to have a team. She agreed to try. She ended up loving it!!

Here is their sweet team. Twinkle Toes volunteered as a helper this year too, as her practices are on different days. And somehow by a few interesting turns of events, including our very tall European 13 year olds, one sideline kicked that got tapped in (we still don't know who did it!), and some hard work, the girls took 1st place in the Ankara tournament. They were giggly and all hugs for each other.

Way to go, Sweet Cheeks! We are proud of you!

Fall Highlights

This Fall brought many events for our family. Now that all three of our big (living at home) girls are in youth group, we occasionally have a Thursday night just with our boy. One such night we ate dinner at the mall, and Big Ben ordered a Big Burger.

I love my students. Here we are having a little fun during our intruder drill.

One Saturday lunch I found myself alone at home with Twinkle, so we went and got lunch together.

My little guy still visits me at school. He just finds things he needs to tell me during the day!

And this gal, in her Senior year, comes to have lunch with me on Fridays.

We had some fun dress down days at school. Here I am with my buddy dressed as bears!

We had one quick overnight with a guest, so we drove to Cappadocia to experience just a quick 24 hours in our beautiful escape place.

And now that Big Ben is in 5th grade, he's getting to do more and more projects. Here he constructed a plant cell.

Aaaand, we are getting some fun pictures of a "new friend." !!!

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Did I mention we have fun taking "The Morning After" pictures? :)

Soccer Season 2018 and a Last Picture

Fall brought soccer season. What a fun couple of months for Twinkle and Middler to train and get to play together. Twinkle was the team captain and provided great leadership for the season.

We hosted the Ankara tournament. Here the girls are matched up with a school from Istanbul.

Two of their coaches were former students (and soccer players!) for Oasis!

It was fun to take the third place trophy for the weekend!

Soon we were headed to Istanbul for the big tournament. Have you ever ridden a bus for 8 hours with 25 teenagers? It's fun...even the rest stops.

We got the kids checked into the hotel on the busy Istanbul streets, fed them breakfast, and began our day of games. They worked hard with only wins, ties, and 1 loss.

The backdrop for the soccer field was the beautiful Bosphorus Sea.

One of our thoughtful moms put together lunches for the kids.

And soon we were back on the field for more games. We ended up in a spot with the same ranking as another team. Originally the refs proposed we should toss a coin to see which team got to play for 3rd place. We decided to do penalty kicks instead. Twinkle put in the shot that won us the chance to play, and we did indeed take 3rd place. What a fun day!

This was not posed!

And then the weeks went on, and we had one last game against the local French School. I knew it would be Twinkle's last game. Here I am...the firsts of the lasts again. I cheered my heart out for my accomplished athlete. And I never cried. Then I got home that night and scrolled through my pictures, and this picture touched me so deeply, I did cry. There she is, all grown up to be a woman. A confident smile on her face. But perhaps a bit of wistfulness too. I'm so proud of you, Twinkle Toes. I could not be prouder!

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