Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Oh Gus

Meet Gus. He was born to a sweet kitty who kept coming around for food. We could clearly tell she had babies at some point, but we hadn't seen the kittens. Then one night, she brought them with her. They were wild and untamed. This guy got in the house and ransacked it, jumping from cabinet to cabinet trying to find his way back out.
But over time, he become more and more comfortable with us. Finally, CC agreed that we could let him come in sometimes. Then later, he said, "Well, let's get it to the vet." (At that point, we'd been calling the kitten a she. She was a he!) He's become quite the sensation at our house, and is the cuddliest cat we've ever had. He has a couple of bad habits, but he's so charming we are fairly forgiving. CC got to name him, as is tradition. He named him Agustos (born in August), and we are calling him Gus.

The Best Field Trip

I am privileged to teach Middle School Bible this year. This means I got to plan another giving field trip to the village behind the school. The kids were to earn the money themselves, shop, wrap, and then deliver a gift to a needy family. They were both excited and nervous.

I have a full class of kids, and I just love them!

This sweet mama wanted us to wake her baby and hold her and take pictures with her. I could not get enough of her chunky legs and cheeks! Isn't she a beautiful mom, too?

This family has become especially precious to me, as we have visited them as a family also. There are two families living in a two room house. This den serves as their eating and sleeping room also.

These kids found out we were coming, and mom let them skip school!

The morning of the trip I found out that there would be a couple of babies. During my free period, I ran across the street to the grocery story and bought diapers, wipes, pacifiers, a teething toy. As I was buying it, I felt like the Lord reminded me of something. He reminded me that He had given me so much that when I was a young mom, I had a pacifier in every room. It just brought an overwhelming feeling to me. I determined not to cry when we gave gifts, but this mom teared up, explaining to us that she tried to do all she could for her kids.

It was a wonderful day and unforgettable for me. We finished earlier than we anticipated, and the kids were so disappointed that we had to go back to school in time for their last class. So, I agreed to let them walk back to school, since the village isn't far. It was such a special day. The essays they wrote showed me how meaningful it was for them too.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Vienna Visit: Final Snapshots

A beautiful city....

 with a surprising snowfall...

with fun people....

....who did take a selfie or two...!

...with some of the strangest colored cheese I've ever seen...
with sweet girls....

and spectacular markets....

....and time to ice skate....

...and a good travel buddy....

and a wonderful girl to celebrate! Happy early birthday, Sweet E!

I love you and could not be more proud of you!

Vienna Visit Part 5

We had just a few hours Sunday morning before we needed to get to the airport. Miss Middler and I went for a walk down the street and looked at the beautiful snow which remained, the tall spires of churches, and the unique shops. We stopped in one place that was open and had a frothy coffee together. We talked about college and the upcoming SAT and other random topics. Mostly we just enjoyed being together.

Soon it was time to head back home. It was a beautiful 3 day weekend in a beautiful place. I was so thankful we got to go!

Vienna Visit Part 4

We had such a short time in Vienna before we needed to hop back to home, but one thing I knew the girls wanted to do was ice skate. We went to the biggest Christmas market in the city, which had an ice rink. They skated and skated while we walked around looking at the beautiful booths with Christmas cheer.

The city was beautiful. I would have loved to take in even more...museums, sightseeing, etc. but we just came to get a taste of Christmas and celebrate our sweet girl.

For dinner that night, we found a little local Austrian restaurant and had a cozy meal inside.

Vienna Visit Part 3

That cold wind that froze us to death the day before dropped a bucket of snow on us that night. It was beautiful to wake up and see the snow on the ground in Vienna!

The hotel got a two thumbs up from the Spice Girls for having such a delightful breakfast included. It was all locally and organically grown. The taste of each thing on the simple buffet was delicious. We loved looking out of our little glass room to the snow outside.

We enjoyed our breakfast and multiple cups of coffee, then we set out for the day!

It was not quite as cold as the day before. We noticed the wind had died down. Still, a hot cup of the only non-alcoholic drink in the city was just what we wanted! I've found at these little European Christmas fairs, you buy the drink, then keep the mug (unless you want to get back a small deposit). We decided the santas were cute enough to keep.

My sweet middle daughter. She thanked me over and over, but the joy was all mine!

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