Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Russian Adventure: On our way back home

Just before we left, M walked me to a Russian grocery store, and I filled my bags (on her credit card...she's stubborn) with sausage and cheese and random treats with Russian writing.

Lettuce is purchased with the roots in a pot!

Fish everywhere!

Pickled everything. Everywhere.

These are little filled dough balls. M says she buys them to boil for a quick dinner.


The sweet Russian lady M buys from each week!

 And then our driver came and we had to say goodbye. 

Firstborn and I had a direct flight home. For the price of a cup of tea in the airport, we found a cafe and used their Internet. I love this girl. She was a great travelling buddy! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Russian Adventure: Time for Goodbye

It was a short weekend, only 3 days, but time/money well spent. I got to do this awesome trip with my daughter who will (in one year) fly on her own wings. I got to see an old friend who has made the effort to keep me in her life, though I am far away. I can even say someone spied on me now! I got to be with a family that strives to serve Jesus and love Him authentically. It was so great!

We walked the girls to their school on Monday.

I loved seeing their school, especially since we are soon to move into a bigger campus. I kept snapping pictures of fun ideas! Here's the entrance. 

A parent waiting lounge.

I jotted down ideas on how they do meal plans.  We've always ordered from outside vendors. Next year, we might have our own catering company. (READ HERE: NO MORE PACKING LUNCHES!!! I'm a little emotional at the thought, in a happy way.)

A musical instrument collage.

Paper murals to make the walls come alive.

The girls said goodbye. And then we all got a little sad. I prayed for these girls' safe delivery into the world. And I prayed for their first twin brother and sister who are in heaven, born the day before my birthday. That's what happens with lifelong friends. Hard times and happy times, you're there for it all.

Library fun!

A play center in the hall.

I super loved this! Clocks with times around the world. We'd need a lot at our school!

A world map made with bottle caps. Going to set my kids to making one this summer!

A timeline of world events.

Learning while you ascend the stairs.

And a painted mural of the beautiful city of Moscow. Ankara would be lovely, too.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Russian Adventure: Downtown Shots

While downtown, we got to see some amazing things. This was taken in Red Square. 

If ever given the chance, I'll always want to see how a country honors their unknown soldiers. 

It was freezing. Have I mentioned that? S and M took us into an amazing burger joint. Firstborn had been to one like it in Istanbul, but I never had. It was delicious. 

We walked in and out of stores.

One of our favorite memories is this. These enormous creatures, from Russian cartoons, walked the streets. When Firstborn stopped to get a photo with this large-eared mouse, he started to get a little too mousy. She quickly escaped his arms (and attempt at a kiss). This photo shows it all. And the sweet twins found a little wooden stacking doll of this mouse and surprised her with it later! 

We bought some "cider." Cider, they said. Wow! Somehow all my ailments were gone after a sip of that "cider." It is Russia, afterall. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Russian Adventure: Nightime City Cruise

They treated us to a dinner cruise, passing all the beautiful sites along the Moscow River. It was wonderful! I wish I'd taken a picture of my food! I had a bowl of borscht. Beet soup. Sound lovely? It was. I could eat it every day with a big dollop of sour cream on top!

Here are some of the pictures I took from the boat. 

Old friends, since college days! 

Not one bit of editing. It was that beautiful. 

We stole up on deck (freezing, it's always freezing) for a quick picture! 

After the cruise, we walked back through the market. This isn't as clear as I'd hoped, but it looked so Russian to me. 

Firstborn played big sis. She does that well.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Russian Adventure: Moscow Circus

Next up was the circus! Our sweet friends grinned when they realized we'd be walking right past a Krispy Kreme! We stopped in for some toasty coffee and doughnuts. For these Ankara folks, it didn't even matter what kind. Yes, please. Anything.

This was one of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

All of the following pictures were forbidden. Tons of rules.  Don't take pictures. But I have a little girl at home who loves animals!

We were unable to take pictures during the show. In fact, little old ladies were hired to stand at every section and scold us if we tried. Lots of rules in Russia, it seemed. But at the end, we were allowed to take a picture. The circus was an absolute ball!

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