Thursday, January 2, 2020

Summer 2019: Fun and a Flag

We so enjoyed our Memphis weeks. Both of my sisters-in-law are more like sisters to me. It feels like being in my own home when I am there with them.

The kids had fun with cousins. On this night, we went to see the fireworks for July 4.

We also enjoyed a couples' night out, while the kids had pizza at home. It's pretty amazing when your family grows into friendship, isn't it?

Sweet Cheeks, oh, I can't even believe it, turned 14, while there.

We were scheduled to speak at our local church, and there we had planned to share that we sense God is leading us 'home' after so many years. That morning, an old friend came and handed me a gift. She had made it much earlier, but was unable to give it to me. She quilted me this beautiful American flag quilt. I burst into tears, put my arms around her, and said, "You have no idea that I am about to announce we are moving back. This is a reminder from the Lord that He is here, and it's going to be ok." I will never forget the "American flag" step in this process.

Summer 2019: Getting Started

Will I catch up this blog? I think I can....I think I can...

After Twinkle's graduation and our short trip to the Black Sea, it was time to pack up and head to America. We needed to see family and friends and launch our second-born daughter! I snapped this picture at the airport oh-so-early-in-the-morn. How many times have I seen my kids wheeling luggage together through the hallways of the airport? This is such a Campbell picture. And it's about to not be something I see quite so often. I realized at this moment that, though I had calculated that Fall would bring all the "lasts" to begin, it was actually summer. The next time we do this together, we will be moving home.

We jumped right in with cousin and grandparent time.

This home is, and always has been, so welcoming to me. It's a place of rest and love, where my cup gets filled and hopefully a bit spills out to them too.

We soon headed down to Memphis for a few weeks there. This is a dinner with our new staff.

We got to travel to Jackson to see one of our graduates get married. It also meant getting to see these dear friends. The friend next to me, T, I have not seen since she moved away from Turkey two years ago.

These gals were the best of friends in Turkey; it was wonderful to see them together as young teens!

And oh goodness, these guys were nearly born together. Playdates and park dates and please-play-in-the-den-while-we-pray-and-talk dates! These are some special people to us.

It was a wonderful Turkey reunion.

These BFFs caught up as quickly as they could during the reception!

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