Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sweet Cheeks Turning 10

This year we tried something we have not done before. Sweet Cheeks wanted a real friend birthday party. My sister-in-law graciously offered her home and pool. I put these cute teens to work with things from the Dollar Tree. They decorated and set up crafts and games. I did nothing except buy the cake and pizza and snacks! 

I thought the house with a Luau theme looked amazing when I arrived!

Not sure what most little boys do, but my very social one was not bothered at all being the only boy and being 3 years younger than the party goers.

The girls began by tying little strips of fabric onto Dollar Tree flip flops for a cute summer look.

Cake and ice cream!

After some games, they ended with some swim time. Her cousin and two special church/camp friends make the day very special for her!

Happy 10th birthday, Sweet Cheeks. The other day I introduced her as my little girl. She later came and asked, "Mama, you normally say I am your baby. Why did you start calling me your little girl?" I asked, "Which do you want me to call you?" "Baby." That's just fine by me!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fourth, Fun, Family

My sister-in-law graciously hosted the Fourth of July for all of us. Her house was so cute when we got there. She has an amazing house, beautifully decorated. But you always feel at home there.

Where true freedom is found....

Despite a rainy fourth, we had a little window to grill hamburgers and hot dogs.

All the Campbell grandkids except for one who was in an out-of-town basketball tourney.

Hope y'all enjoyed your fourth as much as we did!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Out and About In Memphis

Memphis is our home town, and it's full of people we love.

We were able to get away one night and have dinner with the couple who helped us start our school in Turkey. We had such a great time catching up.

One morning, we knew Grandad was giving a short sermon to the folks at this retirement home. So, we loaded the kids up and surprised him. The kids asked what to say and do. I said, "Don't worry. You'll be like a movie star to them. They love young people." Sure enough, as we left, the sweet folks were hugging and reaching out to them. One even said to Firstborn, "Are you a movie star? You look like one!" CC gave a short bio on where we live and what we do. It was truly a touching time for all of us. My father-in-law is 79 years old, likely older than some of the folks living in this home. But he is active and sharp and living out his love for God. I am so proud he goes to share with these folks who can't get out.

We've had some fun get togethers at my in-laws' house!

At my sister-in-law's house, it's just plain fun. Here they are sitting in the floor licking batter. She is always a good example to me that life is short, let the kids enjoy it! I am going to try to let them sit on the floor and lick batter when I get home. I really am.

Leaving church one day, we stopped for a geese crossing! Make way for ducklings!

The cousins are enjoying the freedom to walk to the park and hang out. They went fishing one day. This day they got in some frisbee golf.
We are filling up our cups of love and fun! The time is moving too fast...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Road Trip #1: Seeing My 20 Year Friends

After visiting OBU, we drove to see my dear friend Kim. She treated us to a steakhouse dinner. Twinkle asked if she should order okra. Now, to my knowledge, the only okra she's ever had is Turkish...a cold non-friend, side dish (good, but not Southern). I told her she'd love it. When they delivered her food, she said, "But where's the okra?" There's a Southern girl somewhere deep down inside of her, but it just hasn't surfaced yet. We watched "Sweet Home Alabama" together on this road trip, and I think a little Southern is starting to emerge. (Both her Papa and I are very Southern, but she'd just never lived in the South and has always had Yankee teachers. Good teachers. But they just taught her to talk wrong.)

We so enjoyed Kim's little ones. She was a foster mama who has now adopted. We were happy to meet our newest niece.

Aunt Kim treated the girls to a pedicure in exchange for babysitting. A real American pedicure! One that doesn't cause you to bleed and cry!

Meanwhile, Kim and my dear, dear friend Laurie and I went out for lunch and hang out time.

We also stopped in to see Kim's parents. They blessed me so much during my college years, letting me come stay weekends with them and loving on me like I was their own. I haven't seen them in years. They go country dancing one night of the week, so they gave the girls some quick lessons.

And then before we left, I asked the three of them to sing us some Gospel music. They are big Gospel music folks. The sound was sweet to me.

We're getting older, but these friends will always be there for me. I know that.

THANKFULLY her mama slept in the next day, and I was the first one awake to get her out of bed. I got to have some snuggle time. There is nothing like that early morning, just waking up, crawl in your lap kind of snuggle. My baby years are over, and I miss them. But I am going to be a very happy GrandMama one day!

The trip was short, but I am so glad we got to do it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Road Trip #1: Ouachita Preview

Firstborn has two more years until she will begin college. But we are on the fast track for college preview because we only have summers to look around and start narrowing it down. So, I decided I would take her (and her sis) to see my alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University.

We got up early and headed across the Mississippi River to our neighboring state Arkansas.

She thoroughly enjoyed her visit!

After talking to the admissions counselor and touring the campus and even seeing the Mass Communications Department in depth, I asked the girls to get a quick picture with me in front of my freshman dorm. Seems like yesterday that my folks and brother dropped me off, I cried a few tears, then turned to face my new life...ready to make new friends and become University educated. I loved college.

As we stepped out of the car, Firstborn missed the curb, completely busted, sweet tea flying everywhere, and landed squarely on her knees...right in front of the dorm. I ran to help her, but the irony of the situation took over. After all, she did win the "Clumsy Award" her Freshman year. She looked up at me and said, through her rolling laughter, "Mama, this is probably what I will do my first day of school, too." We had a hard time getting ourselves to stop laughing enough to take this picture.

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