Friday, July 17, 2015

Out and About In Memphis

Memphis is our home town, and it's full of people we love.

We were able to get away one night and have dinner with the couple who helped us start our school in Turkey. We had such a great time catching up.

One morning, we knew Grandad was giving a short sermon to the folks at this retirement home. So, we loaded the kids up and surprised him. The kids asked what to say and do. I said, "Don't worry. You'll be like a movie star to them. They love young people." Sure enough, as we left, the sweet folks were hugging and reaching out to them. One even said to Firstborn, "Are you a movie star? You look like one!" CC gave a short bio on where we live and what we do. It was truly a touching time for all of us. My father-in-law is 79 years old, likely older than some of the folks living in this home. But he is active and sharp and living out his love for God. I am so proud he goes to share with these folks who can't get out.

We've had some fun get togethers at my in-laws' house!

At my sister-in-law's house, it's just plain fun. Here they are sitting in the floor licking batter. She is always a good example to me that life is short, let the kids enjoy it! I am going to try to let them sit on the floor and lick batter when I get home. I really am.

Leaving church one day, we stopped for a geese crossing! Make way for ducklings!

The cousins are enjoying the freedom to walk to the park and hang out. They went fishing one day. This day they got in some frisbee golf.
We are filling up our cups of love and fun! The time is moving too fast...

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