Thursday, July 9, 2015

Camp for Big and Little Sis

This year our only little camper was Sweet Cheeks. Her oldest sis decided to go as a worker at the camp. I was very happy to have someone to check on my little girl!

SC had a sweet counselor and was in a cabin with some of the same girls as last year.

As we were in line to register, I turned to see one of my bridesmaids!!! It was such a fun surprise. Her youngest was at camp that week, too.

Sweet Cheeks had cuz in her cabin, making a week away from home much easier.

This was our first reunion with our Memphis family.

And the campers survived. I asked Firstborn how many service hours she got in working in the dining hall (so she can put them on her community service list for school)...she said, "6AM-Midnight, daily"! Whew!

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