Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Epic Lake Weekend 2015

We found one weekend where both of our families could go to the lake together. Though we only had one day on the lake due to needing to drive to camp on Sunday morning, we made the most of our Saturday! Aunt Cassie had some very interesting video to share on her computer.

CC never minds working on a Tennessee porch in the heat of summer.

The hammocks awaited kids who had finished their cleanup chore.

This nephew had 2 goals for the summer....get his driver's license first... and finally, after 16 long years, outgrow his cousin. He accomplished one of the goals.

Thanks to Uncle Tim, the kids have learned water sports that I never knew at their age.

And some just enjoy pretending to be mermaids in a very brown lake. 

We had a great time on the water, grilled some delicious burgers, then everyone fell solidly asleep. A perfect summer weekend to me!

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