Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camp Pick Up and Seeing the Memphis Fam

Though we had a fun week, I so missed my camp girls. No letters from them. NONE! Finally, it was Sunday morning and time to pick them up.

My sweet little girl came running up...

...with a tiny frog in her hand. I think she had a good week.

And my precious girl found a new friend she adores. They worked together all week and bonded in a special way. I love this picture for so many reasons. She introduced me to this sweet gal and explained that her parents immigrated from Nigeria. Just like Firstborn to dig a little deeper and want to know this about her. She goes to school with kids from 52 nations, it's to be expected.

The girls had a super week!

The only unwelcome campers, I heard, were the millipedes. Firstborn's constant job was to get them out of the bathrooms. I am quite happy to know she could handle this. I will hold her to a much higher standard of non-overreactions to bugs in our home.

We drove on to Memphis and reunited with the Campbell grands.

This picture is the best. My mother-in-law commented that I wasn't in the other picture, so I attempted a selfie with her. But I got oh, so much more. Look at Grandad! Look at Middler's thumbs-down! ha ha.

We started a glorious week of Memphis cousin hang out and swim time!

I love summer!

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Anonymous said...

Not sure why I giggled so much at this post. Lots of thoughts . . . Such as your kids are trained for the silly pictures (i.e., Miss Middler), how ME looks more like Ross but in the picture of her with her friend, that was definitely you I saw in her face, and a big GROSS at the bugs! Ha! But I know how these campgrounds are, especially in the woods. ME has done it now. Hehe. Oh, and the infamous popsicles at the pool. I remember those from years past.

Good ol' summertime. My bunch are on Long Beach Shore with their little brother. They got their first sunburn of the summer today. Next week they all head to Philadelphia for a Phillies and Rays baseball game. Kathleen will be there, too. Mom and Dad treated them to some killer infield seats, if I do say so. They've been so wonderful to help me these last several months that Dave and I wanted to do something special for them. The best thing we can ever do for our oldest baseball playing son is put him within spitting distance (or, in this case, throwing distance) of Evan Longoria. Haha.

Thanks for sharing. We are enjoying reading about your summer.


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