Friday, April 26, 2013

What I've Learned...

We just finished studying space...seasons, Earth's tilt, phases of the moon, rotation/revolution. One of my favorite questions to ask my students at the end of a test is, "What is one new thing you learned?" I love the answers...

-I learned the moon does not make its own light.
-I learned it takes 364 1/4 days to revolve, not 365. (good time to talk about Leap Year!)
-One thing I learned is you can see the moon in the morning sometimes.
-One thing I learned is about stars. I love to learn about stars. I even learned the word constellation. It means groups of stars. I love this chapter. (going for a bonus point maybe?)
...and my personal favorite...
-I learned you can not go near the sun AT all!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sketch of Our City

Recently, we had a guest. He came from the ACSI headquarters to do our mid-term accreditation visit. We enjoyed a little down time with him on Saturday before he flew out. We took him to the old city. Later, he sketched it...amazing! Here's the link:

He also included some snapshots of our day here:


Easter 2013...catching up!

We had a wonderful Easter service and enjoyed lunch with friends. Here are some pics from early in the morn...

 I tried to organize a photo shoot. Some sister decided they should all pose kissing Big the look on Twinkle Toes' face, I think it was her idea.
 I don't think he liked it. 
 They stopped.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Active Water 5K

We had a fun day last Friday. Our new sixth grade teacher (who is amazing...I personally feel sixth graders and their hormones can benefit from a calm male presence at this stage of life!) organized a 5K run to benefit an organization called Active Water. They exist to give fresh water to countries who have little access to it. Each student could purchase a t-shirt to support the organization or pay to run in the 5K. Here is our great upper elementary on "Blue Out Day." CC agreed to let them bring 1TL for Active Water in exchange for a dress down day in blue. That's a quick way to raise 200TL at our school!
We had a lone runner in our family...Twinkle Toes. She did great and placed in the top 15 overall. When she got home, I told her I'd order anything she wanted for dinner to show her how proud I was of her. I wrongly assumed that my 12-year-old would want NOTHING after running 3.5ish miles...bleh, food?! No, she was ready to eat an entire pizza.
And we had some cute little cheerleaders. They'll be running it one day.
The forest was a beautiful spot, the weather was perfect, and the cause was a blessing to both the recipients and us!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Kids Spring 2013

Firstborn at 14.
 Twinkle Toes.
 Miss Middler.
 Sweet Cheeks.
 Big Ben.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Final Shots

Waiting for breakfast...
 The breakfast trio.
 Breakfast. Good. And healthy.
 Breakfast served.
 Family photo (my request).
 Silly one (their request).
Goodbye, Cappadocia!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Saving the Best for Last

On our last day, we enjoyed one  more family hike. We saw this interesting cave behind us, so one of the kids took my picture in front of it. Before I knew it, Miss Middler was scaling the slippery rock to get into it. It's impossible to see in this picture, but there was a deep valley behind me. I am on a hilltop in front of it. Getting into it seemed impossible.
 In she went, then started yelling, "You've GOT to come in here!!!"

 My little girl discovered what is probably my favorite church in all of the region. Perhaps because it was so hard to get into, it was preserved and not as marred as some of the others around. And it was far more elaborate. I think we walked into 5 different connected rooms. Countless others were impossible to enter. To get in the cave itself, we had people at checkpoints to grab little hands and haul them up. Maybe some adult hands had to be grabbed too.
And inside were these beautiful, nearly-perfectly preserved reliefs on the ceiling.
 We found the early church folks had carved a channel all the way from the top of the rock mountain side to drain water into the church.
 And fill this baptismal.
The paintings were beautiful. I can only image what they looked like when only a 100 years old. This scene depicted cheubim with six wings.
Anyone recognize this scene? Revelation 4.
We had to somehow get back down. Miss Middler ran all over the cave looking for a better way down. In the end, we decided the best spot was to leave the same way we came in. This was the way out.
 I loved it! I loved finding it on our own. I love that my child found it and showed me. I love that the history of my brothers and sisters from so long ago was preserved for me to see. It was my highlight.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Snapshots

Cavemen. (If you are wondering why my daughter looks like a conservative Muslim, looks can be deceiving. It's because she is 12. And 12-year-olds tell their mother that they will not be cold in capri pants and only a jacket. They say they will not need a hat. And so their mother ends up giving them her scarf.)
 Stone bed. It even had a raised spot for a pillow. Wow. Comfy. (Are you noting here the laundry that will await me upon our return?)
 Wine press.
 Flood evidence.
 Trees growing out of rock.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Meeting Up with Old Friends

I hope you are not tiring of my vacation posts. It's just a place where you have to take a lot of pictures. And as a mom, I just want to post our day-by-day so my kids will one day read about our adventures.
We ran into some old friends, who live in Cappadocia. They invited us to a Renaissance fair put on by their home school co-op families. It was really fun, and the kids did a great job. It was neat to meet in a cave home and see their presentations and show our support for these brave families, living far out from a city.
 This cute girl is one of the presenters, also a friend of my girls'.
 I think a highlight for me was that as they presented a reading on the Renaissance, the Christians who were relevant during that time, were also mentioned. In honor of them, we sang this hymn by Martin Luther. It's one of my favorites and was played at my wedding when the groomsmen entered. It was beautiful to hear in this cave home, from the booming voices of many families who believe the words.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Bike Ride

One afternoon CC did get away and ride a mountain bike. He found this....

Unfortunately, on the rugged terrain, his tire popped. The rented bikes do not have tire liners, like his bike at home does, but he'd been given a phone number to call in the event that he ran into problems. He didn't call, he just carried his bike the last 1km and returned it. Thankfully, he did not flip off his bike and come back looking like this.

I'm glad he got to go, what a beautiful place to ride.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Exploring Rose Valley, Part III

I just had to get a picture of this place. We couldn't get very far inside, so I am not sure what it was. But it seemed like a little stone cottage. Even the roof was made of stone, but shaped into shingles.
 And there were some very weird people visiting there.
 On some of these hillsides, sometimes the only way to get down was just GO!

 Firstborn got a picture of me running down. She entitled it, "SuperMom." I could not stop laughing when I saw it. I suppose I'll get up the courage to post it here at some point.
 We stopped in one tiny little church, and CC read to us. He began reading a short little book by Mary Geegh, a woman who spent over 40 years in India. Her life lessons, especially in relation to listening to God, are so inspiring.We spent a little time individually listening to God.
 And after a long day of hiking, we went back to our cave for some wireless and satellite veg time! I could not believe it, but the cave's satellite was so powerful, it picked up all kinds of Christian tv. The kids got to watch Christian kids' shows in English. At one point, Big Ben said, "Mama! They're peaking Engwish!"

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