Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cappadocia Getaway: Exploring Rose Valley, Part III

I just had to get a picture of this place. We couldn't get very far inside, so I am not sure what it was. But it seemed like a little stone cottage. Even the roof was made of stone, but shaped into shingles.
 And there were some very weird people visiting there.
 On some of these hillsides, sometimes the only way to get down was just GO!

 Firstborn got a picture of me running down. She entitled it, "SuperMom." I could not stop laughing when I saw it. I suppose I'll get up the courage to post it here at some point.
 We stopped in one tiny little church, and CC read to us. He began reading a short little book by Mary Geegh, a woman who spent over 40 years in India. Her life lessons, especially in relation to listening to God, are so inspiring.We spent a little time individually listening to God.
 And after a long day of hiking, we went back to our cave for some wireless and satellite veg time! I could not believe it, but the cave's satellite was so powerful, it picked up all kinds of Christian tv. The kids got to watch Christian kids' shows in English. At one point, Big Ben said, "Mama! They're peaking Engwish!"


Anonymous said...

Very much enjoying reading about your time off. I am also fascinated by the rock dwellings.


P.S. Wish I could share Kathleen's story with you. Such experiences she has had. Adult students who have yelled in her face have all come back at some point to thank her for holding them accountable. Little do they know how hard it has been on her tender heart. April is her last month but they all want her to come to graduation. They seem so fond of her. Even though she is just an adjunct, she has been invited to wear her regalia along with the other faculty. she wasnt sure about doing that. She is so modest. They told her her class was the hardest one they took -ha. She talked with students whose lives are in a mess. Isn't that just like God? She is so young to touch lives so deeply.

You remember her when she was nine years old. I wish I could share with all the wonderful teachers she has had over the years what an awesome teacher she is. She is so gentle and meek. BUT, no matter what it is the law she loves and she is really looking forward to taking the bar and her job in Virginia.

I can see what a wonderful advocate she will be.

Tara G. said...

Um, Super Mom photo asap, please!!! :)

Claire said...

What an amazing place to visit! Thank you for sharing your pictures.

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