Friday, April 19, 2013

Active Water 5K

We had a fun day last Friday. Our new sixth grade teacher (who is amazing...I personally feel sixth graders and their hormones can benefit from a calm male presence at this stage of life!) organized a 5K run to benefit an organization called Active Water. They exist to give fresh water to countries who have little access to it. Each student could purchase a t-shirt to support the organization or pay to run in the 5K. Here is our great upper elementary on "Blue Out Day." CC agreed to let them bring 1TL for Active Water in exchange for a dress down day in blue. That's a quick way to raise 200TL at our school!
We had a lone runner in our family...Twinkle Toes. She did great and placed in the top 15 overall. When she got home, I told her I'd order anything she wanted for dinner to show her how proud I was of her. I wrongly assumed that my 12-year-old would want NOTHING after running 3.5ish miles...bleh, food?! No, she was ready to eat an entire pizza.
And we had some cute little cheerleaders. They'll be running it one day.
The forest was a beautiful spot, the weather was perfect, and the cause was a blessing to both the recipients and us!

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