Friday, April 26, 2013

What I've Learned...

We just finished studying space...seasons, Earth's tilt, phases of the moon, rotation/revolution. One of my favorite questions to ask my students at the end of a test is, "What is one new thing you learned?" I love the answers...

-I learned the moon does not make its own light.
-I learned it takes 364 1/4 days to revolve, not 365. (good time to talk about Leap Year!)
-One thing I learned is you can see the moon in the morning sometimes.
-One thing I learned is about stars. I love to learn about stars. I even learned the word constellation. It means groups of stars. I love this chapter. (going for a bonus point maybe?)
...and my personal favorite...
-I learned you can not go near the sun AT all!


Rachel said...

I love the last one. How funny!

Tara G. said...


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of when I homeschooled Matt and all I learned during that time. Amazing. I have thought I would love to go back to school, knowing what I know now, and this time make sure I absorbed it all. I was way too busy having fun in school to learn much.

Speaking of that, have you ever thought about high school and if you could just go back, knowing what you know now, all that you would do differently? Peer pressure would be nothing . . . I mean, forget peer pressure, it would be more like, see if you can keep up with me!!! :)


Anonymous said...

P.S. I am really enjoying ME's blog. I am so proud of her for what she is doing.

I also love A's poetry. I wish she would write more. She has a definite knack for that. (Thinking of what you say Ross writes . . . Ross is another person I enjoy what he writes. I ran across something he wrote on the internet and laughed and laughed.)


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