Friday, July 12, 2019

Prague Adventure: Learning About Pretzels the Hard Way and Seeing a Real Ballet

Doing these little Christmas trips for us means findings ways to keep the budget low where possible. So, we decided to eat the complimentary breakfast each day and really fill up, then snack for lunch. For dinner, we would have a meal out. We decided to try Czech food for our first meal. We wrongly assumed these hanging pretzels were complimentary and munched away while waiting for our food. When the waiter came to count our pretzels at the end of our meal, we realized our munchies were being charged! Oh well, we learned!

The food was delicious. This was roast pork, sauerkraut, and ....I can't remember! Oh, the pain of blogging 6 months late! But those big white slices were delicious. And I know they weren't bread!

We did decide to splurge on some tickets to a ballet. It would be our one big event. Our girls had always wanted to see a REAL ballet, and we felt our son should say he once attended a ballet. So, we walked downtown to the National Theatre. It was a beautiful stroll at night by the river.

The National Theatre opened in 1881. It was a beautiful building, and we were excited to have this cultural experience!

The building itself was worth the ticket. It was beautiful. I thought of the many interesting people from various time periods who must have sat there to watch an opera or a ballet.

No pictures were allowed during the performance, but I can assure you that the orchestra, the costumes, the set and special effects, and the dancing were all fabulous! The ballet was a combination of the Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol, with a plot intertwining the two classics together. And my son left there realizing just how muscular the male dancers were! He still mentioned he has no desire to ever wear tights!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Prague Adventure: This Little Piggy Went to the Market

Well, readers, (the faithful few who might one day check back in), I'm back. All I can say is that these last six months have been full of life. I've taught five classes daily, coached both basketball and volleyball, cared for my hubby and four kids at home, graduated a senior, and loved my firstborn from afar. For all of those reasons, I got behind on my blog. But I want the family record, and I am determined to keep it! So, summer is here, and I'm ready to tackle it! So, thank you for bearing with me in patience. And thank you to those who spoke to me in person and said, "I miss your blog!" It meant a great deal to me.

PRAGUE! We found some rock bottom priced tickets to Prague and decided to spend a few days there as a family over Christmas break. It was a very short 1 hour flight to Istanbul, then just a few hours to Prague, Czech Republic.

Upon arrival, we headed to the market. It is always so shocking to see pork! This piggy went to the market and was roasted on a spit. I wish I could blog the smell!

The Christmas market was quaint and fun. We enjoyed the stalls of live animals.

The city is just beautiful! Old buildings with beautiful character were our backdrops for every picture.

We did bring warm coats, and we might have convinced CC to buy us a hot drink to warm our hands!

I had fun just watching my kids interact with Firstborn, who had just arrived a day before our flight to Prague. Her former roomie Sweet Cheeks wanted to hold her hand. They had fun arranging sister selfies together.

It truly is a breath of fresh air to see Christmas celebrated somewhat as a religious holiday. We do see trees in Turkey, but all decorations are designated as New Year, not Christmas.

The streets entertained us! There was the giant bubble guy....

....and the spray painted conquistador.....

...and the giant panda (which I opted to steer clear of!)

We partook in this local favorite...a coiled piece of bread dipped in cinnamon and sugar.

The third oldest working astrological clock in the world was a must see! It was first introduced in 1410.

We just had a few days there, so we made the most of our time and saw as much as possible!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Oh Gus

Meet Gus. He was born to a sweet kitty who kept coming around for food. We could clearly tell she had babies at some point, but we hadn't seen the kittens. Then one night, she brought them with her. They were wild and untamed. This guy got in the house and ransacked it, jumping from cabinet to cabinet trying to find his way back out.
But over time, he become more and more comfortable with us. Finally, CC agreed that we could let him come in sometimes. Then later, he said, "Well, let's get it to the vet." (At that point, we'd been calling the kitten a she. She was a he!) He's become quite the sensation at our house, and is the cuddliest cat we've ever had. He has a couple of bad habits, but he's so charming we are fairly forgiving. CC got to name him, as is tradition. He named him Agustos (born in August), and we are calling him Gus.

The Best Field Trip

I am privileged to teach Middle School Bible this year. This means I got to plan another giving field trip to the village behind the school. The kids were to earn the money themselves, shop, wrap, and then deliver a gift to a needy family. They were both excited and nervous.

I have a full class of kids, and I just love them!

This sweet mama wanted us to wake her baby and hold her and take pictures with her. I could not get enough of her chunky legs and cheeks! Isn't she a beautiful mom, too?

This family has become especially precious to me, as we have visited them as a family also. There are two families living in a two room house. This den serves as their eating and sleeping room also.

These kids found out we were coming, and mom let them skip school!

The morning of the trip I found out that there would be a couple of babies. During my free period, I ran across the street to the grocery story and bought diapers, wipes, pacifiers, a teething toy. As I was buying it, I felt like the Lord reminded me of something. He reminded me that He had given me so much that when I was a young mom, I had a pacifier in every room. It just brought an overwhelming feeling to me. I determined not to cry when we gave gifts, but this mom teared up, explaining to us that she tried to do all she could for her kids.

It was a wonderful day and unforgettable for me. We finished earlier than we anticipated, and the kids were so disappointed that we had to go back to school in time for their last class. So, I agreed to let them walk back to school, since the village isn't far. It was such a special day. The essays they wrote showed me how meaningful it was for them too.

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