Sunday, May 31, 2015

Friendly Invite

The kids did such a great job at Peter Pan, we decided to let them perform one more time. It was very last minute, but Turks are good at last minute! We asked the little Turkish school around the corner to come for a free performance.

They all knew Captain Hook and Tinkerbell! These kids have some English lessons as part of their daily routine. I am not sure how much they understood...

...but one thing they did understand was that Tinkerbell was awesome!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Peter Pan

The kids did SUCH a marvelous job. I was just overwhelmed at their confidence and how they performed in front of an audience. 

Tink was darling. I didn't know she would be picking on Wendy (her sister) all evening! I loved it!

I didn't know it would be all about Wendy growing up! Don't grow up, Wendy!

Don't die, Tink! Everyone clap louder! We believe in fairies! We believe!

Would Wendy really walk the plank? Save her, Peter Pan! 

And then before I knew it, the play contained a slide show with Darling family pictures. Pictures of Wendy with her siblings, pictures of them growing up, pictures of Wendy's wedding. The next scene opened with Wendy as a mom with a little girl. Wendy didn't know how to fly anymore. She was grown up. And I turned wide-eyed to look at CC. He was crying in Peter Pan! And I was too. Goodness me, I should have watched the movie first! It all hit just a little too close to home.

And then the sweetest, most unexpected thing happened. A little girl from Kazakhstan came up and asked to take a picture with Tinkerbelle. She was star struck! And my sweet, thoughtful daughter pulled her right into her lap for the picture. When the mom finished taking the picture, Miss Middler sprinkled some fairy dust on the little girl.

I was just super proud of their hard work. I went to both performances, then just couldn't have them only perform twice. We called a neighborhood Turkish school and invited them to come see the place this coming week.

Well done, Campbell girls!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Backstage Peek

Two of my sweet girls were in the school play this year. In Peter Pan, Miss Middler took the role of Tinkerbelle.

Firstborn was Wendy.

I got to come a little early, help with a little make-up, and visit with the kids before the performance. Here's one of my former third graders, Lin, who was the dog.

I honestly and truly have never watched Peter Pan or read any book about it. I know some of the characters, but had no idea what I was in store for!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer Fare

It's gettin' hot here, what about where you live? I took my Turkish plate off the wall, washed it off, and served this delicious summer salad in it the other day. What do you cook when it's hot?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

All the Children of the World

International Day at our school is so much fun! We boast 50 nations now represented at our school. The kids get to come to school this one day in their native costumes and bring a treat for their friends from their home country.

Miss M dressed as a pioneer American.

Here's the darling K5 class!

Ecuador (I think she looks cuter than the costumes in the Miss World pageant!)

My handsome son represented Tennessee with a "Hey Y'all" on the front and a "Bye Y'all" on the back. And with no front teeth, he truly represented the hillbillies well.

The Korean girls have the sweetest dresses.

Here is sweet little Evie, who has become very special to me this year in my Bible class.

These kids are from Japan, Romania, USA, and Holland. Do you see Evie's wooden shoes?

Our mission statement includes a line about a respect for all cultures. International Day certainly gives us the chance to do that!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mom's Day 2015

My family was so sweet to me on Mother's Day. Miss Middler made me this breakfast.

After church, CC took us all out for Chinese.

If Big Ben can get "Shushi" (as he says), he is a happy boy!

Classic Sweet Cheeks. She held the warrior's hand.

The beautiful kids that made me a mom, starting in 1999!

And a shout out to my mom who is a better mom than I could ever hope to be!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Soccer!

Firstborn and Twinkle Toes worked hard in soccer to prepare for our tournament. We don't have regular weekly games, but a mega-tournament that involves several out of town teams.

On our first night, a Thursday, Twinkle scored her first goal! Last year she played defense. This year she was a striker. This soccer mom went crazy!!!

The boys cheered us on.

And we cheered them on!

The next day there was no school, in honor of Children's Day, on April 23. We arrived in frigid temperatures, even sitting in the falling snow at one point.

Our boys played so hard and took 3rd place.

The girls overcame and shocked us all, placing 2nd in the tournament.

Before the season was over, we had one last scrimage against the Dept. of Defense school. The coaches put in some new players and switched up the positions of the starters, just to see what everyone could do. Firstborn went from defense to goalie for the game. Whew! No goals!

Twinkle went from striker to defense.

And we went from soccer season to finished!

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