Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Soccer!

Firstborn and Twinkle Toes worked hard in soccer to prepare for our tournament. We don't have regular weekly games, but a mega-tournament that involves several out of town teams.

On our first night, a Thursday, Twinkle scored her first goal! Last year she played defense. This year she was a striker. This soccer mom went crazy!!!

The boys cheered us on.

And we cheered them on!

The next day there was no school, in honor of Children's Day, on April 23. We arrived in frigid temperatures, even sitting in the falling snow at one point.

Our boys played so hard and took 3rd place.

The girls overcame and shocked us all, placing 2nd in the tournament.

Before the season was over, we had one last scrimage against the Dept. of Defense school. The coaches put in some new players and switched up the positions of the starters, just to see what everyone could do. Firstborn went from defense to goalie for the game. Whew! No goals!

Twinkle went from striker to defense.

And we went from soccer season to finished!

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