Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Picnic in the Middle of Town

As the end of the year approaches, life gets incredibly busy. It gets busy for everyone, I know. But for a school director, it spins out of control. Knowing we wouldn't have too many days to just enjoy as a family in the upcoming month, I planned a simple picnic for after church one day. CC took us to a city park he had found while out riding his bike.

It seemed to be a favorite place for Turkish bridal pictures!

It was simple. It was fun. We were together, without a to-do list, just for an hour or two.

Though not brides, I made them all pose for a picture in front of the fountain.

(Big Ben is more than slightly into "man jewelry" for church on Sundays. I think he is wearing his African carved shark's tooth.)

Then my three Singapore girls climbed up the outdoor theater steps and sat down together. I thought it was sweet.

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