Friday, July 10, 2015

Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch

We drove back to Nashville after the camp drop off. Our week was busy and fun.

I take a shower every night. It's part of what tells me it's time to go to sleep. But honestly, most nights, I am not all that dirty. But I really enjoy helping out in my mom's garden. Here's my "garden selfie" just before my (much needed) shower.

We did some cousin sleepovers. These girls found prom t-shirts at Goodwill last year for $1. This year at another thrift store, they found matching pj pants for $1.

We enjoyed some swim days.

Big Ben wanted me to catch his dive on film. Yes, CC, I believe he needs one more year of swim lessons.

Miss Middler is doing something I hope I never do.

I wasn't this cute in 9th grade. Were you?

Too cool for words.

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Anonymous said...

What fun everyone is having!

I sure wish I was closer to you and could observe you and your camera. I think it is my medicine. My "thinker" is not 100% and I am having a time learning my new camera. Ha. I have my oldest son figuring it out and then teaching me. :)

I also bought another nice digital camera for a very sweet young lady (Karoline) who has helped her mother tremendously in the last few months. Between the two, maybe I can work one of them!

One final note, I have not emailed but wanted you to know that I got an excellent report from the doctor this week. Medicine is working and what I requested prayer for has greatly improved. God bless my doctor. I could hug his neck. God has certainly guided his hands and blessed him with wisdom and knowledge. God has certainly been with me!! Such a wonderful story. I hope I can share it with you sometime.

Thank you again for your prayers.and thank you again for sharing about your camera. I believe I will really like it when I learn to work it. Haha


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