Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Road Trip #1: Ouachita Preview

Firstborn has two more years until she will begin college. But we are on the fast track for college preview because we only have summers to look around and start narrowing it down. So, I decided I would take her (and her sis) to see my alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University.

We got up early and headed across the Mississippi River to our neighboring state Arkansas.

She thoroughly enjoyed her visit!

After talking to the admissions counselor and touring the campus and even seeing the Mass Communications Department in depth, I asked the girls to get a quick picture with me in front of my freshman dorm. Seems like yesterday that my folks and brother dropped me off, I cried a few tears, then turned to face my new life...ready to make new friends and become University educated. I loved college.

As we stepped out of the car, Firstborn missed the curb, completely busted, sweet tea flying everywhere, and landed squarely on her knees...right in front of the dorm. I ran to help her, but the irony of the situation took over. After all, she did win the "Clumsy Award" her Freshman year. She looked up at me and said, through her rolling laughter, "Mama, this is probably what I will do my first day of school, too." We had a hard time getting ourselves to stop laughing enough to take this picture.

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