Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sweet Cheeks Turning 10

This year we tried something we have not done before. Sweet Cheeks wanted a real friend birthday party. My sister-in-law graciously offered her home and pool. I put these cute teens to work with things from the Dollar Tree. They decorated and set up crafts and games. I did nothing except buy the cake and pizza and snacks! 

I thought the house with a Luau theme looked amazing when I arrived!

Not sure what most little boys do, but my very social one was not bothered at all being the only boy and being 3 years younger than the party goers.

The girls began by tying little strips of fabric onto Dollar Tree flip flops for a cute summer look.

Cake and ice cream!

After some games, they ended with some swim time. Her cousin and two special church/camp friends make the day very special for her!

Happy 10th birthday, Sweet Cheeks. The other day I introduced her as my little girl. She later came and asked, "Mama, you normally say I am your baby. Why did you start calling me your little girl?" I asked, "Which do you want me to call you?" "Baby." That's just fine by me!

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Tara G. said...

How is she 10?! Happy Birthday!

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