Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Russian Adventure: Time for Goodbye

It was a short weekend, only 3 days, but time/money well spent. I got to do this awesome trip with my daughter who will (in one year) fly on her own wings. I got to see an old friend who has made the effort to keep me in her life, though I am far away. I can even say someone spied on me now! I got to be with a family that strives to serve Jesus and love Him authentically. It was so great!

We walked the girls to their school on Monday.

I loved seeing their school, especially since we are soon to move into a bigger campus. I kept snapping pictures of fun ideas! Here's the entrance. 

A parent waiting lounge.

I jotted down ideas on how they do meal plans.  We've always ordered from outside vendors. Next year, we might have our own catering company. (READ HERE: NO MORE PACKING LUNCHES!!! I'm a little emotional at the thought, in a happy way.)

A musical instrument collage.

Paper murals to make the walls come alive.

The girls said goodbye. And then we all got a little sad. I prayed for these girls' safe delivery into the world. And I prayed for their first twin brother and sister who are in heaven, born the day before my birthday. That's what happens with lifelong friends. Hard times and happy times, you're there for it all.

Library fun!

A play center in the hall.

I super loved this! Clocks with times around the world. We'd need a lot at our school!

A world map made with bottle caps. Going to set my kids to making one this summer!

A timeline of world events.

Learning while you ascend the stairs.

And a painted mural of the beautiful city of Moscow. Ankara would be lovely, too.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying these Russian posts almost as much as the trip to Israel. I don't get to comment as often but still try to check in from time to time. Life is zooming by it seems.

Thanks for continuing to share. Know that we are still here and you all are still in our prayers. (I'm not just saying that.)

God bless you Sara.

Much love to you and your family.

Melanie Keffer

Angie said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing your lives with us. I enjoy your posts so much! What a wonderfully unique school

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