Monday, May 16, 2016

Russian Adventure: Downtown Shots

While downtown, we got to see some amazing things. This was taken in Red Square. 

If ever given the chance, I'll always want to see how a country honors their unknown soldiers. 

It was freezing. Have I mentioned that? S and M took us into an amazing burger joint. Firstborn had been to one like it in Istanbul, but I never had. It was delicious. 

We walked in and out of stores.

One of our favorite memories is this. These enormous creatures, from Russian cartoons, walked the streets. When Firstborn stopped to get a photo with this large-eared mouse, he started to get a little too mousy. She quickly escaped his arms (and attempt at a kiss). This photo shows it all. And the sweet twins found a little wooden stacking doll of this mouse and surprised her with it later! 

We bought some "cider." Cider, they said. Wow! Somehow all my ailments were gone after a sip of that "cider." It is Russia, afterall. 

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