Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Russian Adventure: To the Market

Well, I've had surgery on Friday. I'm grounded for 1 week. So, I am going to catch up. Catch up on my blog. Catch up on some reading. Catch up on my baby books. I had babies. I loved them. I just had so many at the same time, I couldn't fill in their baby books. I don't want their future spouses to despise me. So, that's my plan.

And now, to Russia....

M and S and the twins took us to the famous Russian market. We loved being on the other end of the tourist track. We are usually the ones taking others to local markets.

Couldn't resist this little guy.

The colors surrounding us were fabulous!

We couldn't wait for after church lunch at the market!

They knew just where to take us. We had our pick of meats: salmon, chicken, beef, pork.

While inhaling the amazing smell of the grilling, I took a couple of shots around me. They do love their furs!

We went to the top floor of a log shack and waited until someone finished eating to get a seat. The meal was served like this. Pickles, carrots, potatoes, meat. I can't even begin to tell you how good it was!

This little beauty was having a day out with dad. If I were to write a children's book about a little Russian girl, she would be my subject.

We knew it would be cold. But it was like Siberia. M and S kept saying, "such good weather...such a lovely day..." BUT we were FREEZING. Firstborn whipped out her tutoring money and bought herself these gorgeous hand-knitted stockings to go right under her boots. A useful souvenir! Well done!

The little lady was so happy, she helped her put them right on.

They took us to an antique bazaar. It was all stuff from my childhood! How did that happen?! Firstborn was overcome with the typewriters and radios. What's so antique about that?

And just as we were leaving, we found Putin's friend. All stuffed and severe.

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