Friday, April 16, 2010

Cappedocia Travelogue: Dinner on a Camel's Back

When looking for a good place for dinner, we stumbled upon a restaurant with its prices posted outside. That's the kind of place we like! The prices seemed reasonable so we decided to try it. It was definitely a good choice! Every room was part of a large cave. They took us to an upstairs room and gave us the entire room to ourselves. I'd like to think we got it all to ourselves because they could quickly tell we were...special...this little blend of the West and the East traveling together. But in reality, I suspect they saw all our kids and felt it might be best to shut us off up there! The table was low to the ground (ever read the New Testament and pictured their meals that way?). Surrounding the table were pillows and seats used to ride on camels. Maybe I should have titled this "Campbells on Camels"...or maybe not. I thought the video captured it better than the pictures. We'll definitely go back to that spot...the food was great, the camel seats were even better. (Sorry you have to turn your head sideways...haven't gotten it flipped right yet!)

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Anonymous said...

How sweet ... I vote for more video of your babies. It has been so long I have forgotten a lot of those things . . . Little ones bouncing around everywhere they go.

Sara, you are the best advertisement for tourism Turkey has. Never was interested in that country before now.


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