Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All Dressed Up

The biggest surprise for the girls were the beautiful dresses brought by our Singapore friends! Firstborn got the official "Singapore dress." If you ever ride on Singapore Airlines, you'll see someone dressed like her. The middle girls got Malay dresses...beautiful, long, two-piece dresses. Perma Baby got a silk Chinese dress. She is also sporting her brother's gift...a Chinese hat with a long black braid. Perfect!

Auntie also brought them red envelopes. These include money and are given at Chinese New Year.
Bet you can guess what we wore Easter Sunday!
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Melanie Keffer said...

I loved the hat with the pigtail. I had wondered what that was in the other picture. (I am dying to hear about pork floss!) I would just bet you all are eating some awesome food. I love Asian food myself!

As for the dresses . . . I remember that from my mother and dad's time in Singapore. In fact, I have some of Singapore's official fabric . . . Is that what you call it? It was the fabric that those dresses were made out of back when my mother and dad were there.

I did the same thing for the kids the year my mother and dad brought them back the official school uniform that all kids in London wore. I dressed them up in those outfits for church. Isn't it fun???

Ah . . . Are you going to take your special guests on a tour of Turkey also?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dresses! Gorgeous girls!!

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