Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter At Our School

We are up to 46 nationalities at our school. Many of the kids at our school have never even heard of Easter. We use this opportunity to do some of the fun stuff kids do on Easter, like dying eggs. Also, we give each student the opportunity to hear what really happened on the first Easter morning. It's a very special time in the year for us. I was asked by Perma-Baby's teacher to come help the Pre Kindergarten class dye Easter eggs. What fun to watch these little noses smell the vinegar, little eyes choose the color they wanted, then little hands lower the egg into the solution. All I can say is that it's a good thing CC doesn't have me teaching them, I think I'd squeeze them all to death!

Big Ben got to go with me. His priorities were clear. He first sat and ate his breakfast. You know, it's amazing what you discover with a 5th kid. They really can wait until 9am to eat, and they really can eat breakfast in a school classroom. He didn't starve.

It was "Dress Down Day" which means the kids can wear non-dress code clothes. We always specify that the clothes must be "modest" and "in good taste." When I saw PB come down with her antennae on, I felt the "good taste" memo must not have reached her.
This little guy is from Africa. He loves PB. He tells her every day that he loves her. I think I love him.

It was a good day. Beyond that hour, I needed to get home and clean the house, run laundry, and make the dough for homemade tortillas.
But this was a nice way to begin.
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Mitch-Shannon said...

Precious! I love Eva's class. And that looks like Elisabeth in your first picture- she is a doll! So glad you got to enjoy them with Eva. I take so much joy in seeing the pictures you post of her. She is beyond adorable!
He is risen! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Melanie Keffer said...

My counterpart to your Eva is Karoline. Tonight Karoline and I went through your blog posts all the way back to Antioch. She enjoyed reading them all, commented on the kids, your parents and all the neat things about Turkey. She loved Cappadocia (I might have spelled that wrong.) and Antioch. I told her Eva was just like she always was at that age . . . . full of life. Karoline loved Esther and Annika's pigtails, thinks Mary is a beauty, Eva is charming and Ben reminds her of her little brothers. She said some of those scenes of the sisters and Ben look so familiar!

What a wonderful Easter weekend! We are so glad that you choose to share all these things. Your blog is like a favorite novel we love to read.

I know Kathleen would love to read it also --- if she had time. :) She should be home in May, but I don't know for how long. She is doing well. I sure miss her. This time of year makes me anxious to see her. We don't see her but once during the school year.

Love you all Sara-
Melanie and Karoline Keffer

Melanie Keffer said...

P. S. Karoline commented that Ross looks like all dads . . . (What that means I couldn't tell you.) and that you are still beautiful like you were when you taught Kathleen. She remembers "Kathleen's Miss Fish." (That is the way my kids know you.)


P. S. Kathleen is still that way with her teachers. She loves them all, even at 23 years old. God has blessed her so much. She certainly has had some outstanding men and women teach her.

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