Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cappadocian Travelogue: Finishing our Hike

We really wanted to hike from one town to the next town, through the canyon. However, the dirt is so loose (remember, loose enough to carve a home into it!) that the path has slipped away. We met up with some hikers who told us that a guide charged them 20TL (US 15) to get them through the canyon on an alternate route, but they had to literally hold each other and push each other through some of the steep path. We glanced around at our 5 kids and decided to stick to the lowlands!
And some of them were getting very tired...
...but were too interested in what was around them to fall asleep.
This one was not injured, just tired, and demonstrating it dramatically! Thank goodness for a strong Papa. About all I can handle is the 30 pounder!
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Anonymous said...

I knew it! Models and/or actors all . . .

Mel :)

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