Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cappadocian Travelogue: Up Close and Personal

Uncle Kia Hwa took some beautiful photos of my kids. It was something I appreciated so much, as my hands are usually busy pouring a sippy cup of milk or fixing a pigtail or zipping a jacket. I treasure these.

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Anonymous said...

I oohhed and aahhed all the way to Eva and then I cracked up laughing. Just because you can read that look on her beautiful face and it is a language you can't put into words.

I was also thinking it is ashame Ross didn't have any children that look like him!! Ha, ha. I know that is not true. Mary favors him most. Kathleen (my oldest) favors her dad the most also.

I love the picture of you and Ben on your FB page . . . and while we are at it, I have discovered who who inherited that big smile you always have - Annika!! She smiles just like you, I think.

What a mess I made on FB. Posting stuff on everyone's pages that I had no idea was posting there. (I am sure you noticed.) At least once a week, and usually more often than that, I think I am too old for FB! :)

But it keeps me connected with my dear cousins and I enjoy that.

[Time to see if this booger will post under my name . . ]

Bye for now. If you see me under anonymous again, you'll know my computer is still giving me fits. :)


Tara G. said...

I'm doing a combo comment- first, the kids are so lovely!! Love the travel pictures and isn't it just so fun to visit with local kids (and their parents, too)!? They're just so fresh and innocent- and it's just about learning from one another. Sweet, sweet memories!!

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