Friday, April 30, 2010

Haircut Part II

Ok, here is phase II of the haircut night. I must add no child was injured in the making of this video. That ridiculous squealing is because he either thinks he is a pig or he doesn't want me holding his head still!


Anonymous said...

Karoline was watching with me, dying laughing and said, "He KNOWS he is the baby boy!" She recognizes the little brother syndrome!

We love it. Way too cute Sara. We both cracked up at Mary Erin stuffing chocolate in his mouth everytime he opened it to squeal. (Why didn't we think of that???) Bless his heart!!

Melanie and Karoline

whimzie said...

At what point did the neighbors call the police?

Mandy said...

So funny! I have to say you had a good little videographer!

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