Friday, April 9, 2010

Seeing Our World Part IV: Day at the Park (Part A)

One thing we wanted to do while our Singapore friends were here was to allow them to spend some time with our staff. We are out of school this week, so they can't see our lives at school in action. Instead, we planned a picnic just outside of town for anyone in town for Spring Break. I conceived the idea, then our good friend Troy carried it out for us by getting the food and grilling it.

I think some of our teachers needed some R and R.
This big little guy spent the day working the crowd, as usual.
This park has a roller coaster. My kids have never ridden or even seen a REAL roller coaster, but this one suffices for them. You can control the speed of the car as you go down the 'mountain.' Esther rode with Auntie Lai Chan, who was admittedly a bit nervous about riding it. I found out at the end that Essie finally grabbed the control bars and shoved them down to get it to top speed. I am not surprised. She rode a stair gate down the stairs when she was 1.
So, what do you do when you have a 1 and a half year old baby? And he's a boy? And he wants to ride every motorcycle/scooter/tractor/ride he sees?

You let him ride. I told everyone, "He won't cry when he rides. He'll cry when he has to get off." I was right.
I rode with my girl. We wanted to go faster, but CC and son were in front of us, and were behind Auntie Lai Chan, who wanted to go slower. I told Annika we could go fast, but couldn't crash into Big Ben. I'd feel awful if I gave him whiplash at 18 months old.
We ended with a train ride around the park. We had a super day!
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Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS picture of Darci and Beth! Love it! So glad y'all are enjoying your break :)

Melanie Keffer said...

The park and good friends, what a great time! How nice something like that would be!

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