Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cappadocian Travelogue: A Visit to the 9th Century Church

You remember when we visited Cappadocia with my parents we found an old church. We asked Hassan Bey about it. He said it is from the 9th century. He also said there's another one hidden back up in there, but you have to request a key from a family to see it. Guess what I'm planning to do the next time I am there?

Here are the four of us in the church. Firstborn took this.
Most of our kids are complaint.
There's only one that can be a tad difficult at times.
Can you pick out which one?
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Anonymous said...

No doubt the non-compliant little fellow wanted to be down on his own two feet . . . . How well I remember these scenes! :)

A dear friend of mine who has six boys, put it this way: "Raising boys is like holding wild horses by the reins."

I think she was right. Not because boys are bad. I am proud of the well-behaved young men that are my sons . . . It is more because they are always "bucking" to do something, not necessarily something bad, but just something, if you get my drift. Always pulling on those reins that are holding them down.

I'll tell you something else I notice about my own boys, it is not in their nature to submit to a woman. Of course, they must submit to the authority of their mother, but you can tell at times that it goes against the grain with them. :)

I think it is wonderful to see them growing into the men they will be some day and good for them to learn respect for authority and self-discipline.


Anonymous said...

:) smiling and laughing.. That's my boy!

Tara G. said...

My is equally excited about photo ops! ha!

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