Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seeing Our World: Part V Easter Morn (Part B)

Don't ya just love those Easter morning photo shoots? Apparently so do our neighbors. I looked up at one point and saw 4 of them hanging out of their balconies watching us. There's one precious old man who comes out every Sunday morning to watch us load in the van. You can bet he was there to see us in our Easter dresses.

How did she learn to pose?
The middle girls sported their Malay dresses. And guess what? We met a new Malaysian friend at church. She just had to come over and comment on the dresses that are so familiar to her!
Firstborn represented her country of birth well, I think.
Papa dressed Big Ben. He sported cords, a blue oxford cloth button down, and an argyle sweater vest. The neighbors staring at him were far more interesting to him than the photo shoot. Far better than what we wore was the reason we had to celebrate! Thank you, Jesus!
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