Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seeing Our World Part I: Bus and Ulus

We enjoyed taking our company to the oldest part of town, Ulus. I am quite certain the bus ride for them was different than hometown Singapore! I distinctly remember riding a bus just before we moved. We simply hopped on the clean, efficient, and smooth bus, pressed our wallet to the electronic reader, then pressed it on there again as we exited. It read and deducted the fare from our card. Here? You sit on the bumpy ride and pass your money to the person in front of you, who passes it on down to the driver. He makes change as he drives, then begins the hand-back process through the other passengers.
Ulus is the part of town where the old meets the new. It is breathtaking.

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Melanie Keffer said...

Okay . . . My thoughts reading this post. Like you are just there sitting waiting on them, right? (I like ALL your posts so I have to figure out some way to distinguish my comments.)

First . . . I loved these pictures of the girls. Second . . . And this is where my age shows, I actually like the description of Turkish buses better than Singapore's buses.

Lastly, the thought crossed my mind and brought a smile to my face as to how "trained" the Campbell kids are at posing . . . Super models, one and all, even Ben! :) Hmmmm . . . Another clue as to their futures, maybe? :)

(It is probably obvious that I look at the kids more than the scenery in your posts.)

Love ya'll-

P. S. News Ross can appreciate even though he does not technically know Kathleen, today is her first day of Moot Court Competition. She spent two days looking for a pair of plain pumps and a business suit in a conservative color that didn't make her look like she was ready for the grave. (Ross might not see the sense of that last statement, but you will. Ha.) You can also tell him, if he should care to know, that she made Law Review and that she is already good in the courtroom even at this early stage. She prepares well and has good instincts in front of the judge.

Can you tell I am her mother and I miss her? :)

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