Monday, April 12, 2010

Cappadocian Travelogue: Getting There

Ok, readers. I just prepared several posts about our days in Cappadocia, then discovered Uncle Kia Hwa left us all the photos he took while here (on our computer). The pictures are SO much better, I am re-doing these posts!

Our sweet friends blessed us with a tiny, hand-held digital video camera. We do have a video camera, but it is the size of a shoe box and many times the video cassettes it uses are unavailable in stores. We knew it was time to upgrade...after all, in the coming years we've got girls who plan to play on basketball teams and a boy who will likely be the next Evel Knievel. We were so thankful to get this little IT gadget from Singapore! Here is Uncle Kia Hwa showing the girls what he just recorded of their every day lives.
Though we had recently seen Cappadocia with my parents, we never tire of it. ANY ONE of you who comes to visit us, we will take there. We are so thankful that this beautiful display of God's handiwork is only 4 hours away. It was our Spring Break and a perfect time to travel with our guests.
We arrived and the girls immediately re-acquainted themselves with the cats who hang around our cave hotel. Look at the background. BIBLE TIMES!!! Doesn't that just look like the Jesus film?
Our kids have never been to Disney or even Six Flags, but they absolutely love traveling in this beautiful country. Caves. Ruins. Local Flavor. They love it. I love that about them.
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