Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday Night Church

We do go to church here in this exotic land. There are two English speaking churches in this city of 5 million. It makes church hunting easy. We meet only on Sunday mornings, so most Sunday nights we try to gather as a family and 'have church' at home. We download some wonderful words from Ronnie Stevens (the one who married us), David Jeremiah (the one who baptized me), or Adrian Rogers (the one who walked with the Lord for such a long time and whose lawn my brother the way my brother says he was the same man on weekdays as he was on Sundays).

It seems when we gather everyone has to be touching my body in some way. Some nights I get a head massage. Usually the big girls take notes, and I help them with outlines. Perma-Baby colors a Bible story picture. And Big Ben dumps out crayons. We all have a role to fill, I guess.


Mitch-Shannon said...

:) Too funny. You know dumping out crayons brings joy to the Lord. It does me :)

Tara G. said...

The last time we were here, we listened to an English sermon every Sunday night- we just needed it! The internet is so amazing now so I'm glad we can have access to good teaching to fill in the gaps. We have our own Sunday School material to do with the kids, too. We're Cedarville grads- the Jeramiahs have given a great legacy!

Anonymous said...

I remember lining my four on the sofa cpposite where I was sitting. (That was so I could keep an eye on them.) Anytime we used DVD/sermons in our devotion, I would stop part way through the DVD and ask questions to make sure they were listening. They knew better than not to listen. Looking back, I must have been a devotion-nazi but I wanted to make sure it was soaking in, short of drilling a hole and pouring it in.

We have had many good discussions over scriptures and sermons. Once when our devotion was on the whole armor of God, I made them take out paper and colored pencils afterward and draw what we had just read about. (I learned so much about their perception of God.) Maverick's was the funniest because his soldier had his "faith" was laying on the ground and his "Word of God" was propped against the wall.

The other three gave him grief about being unprotected and no wonder he "got hit with so many darts!" We all really laughed but he learned a lot then and I am sure has not forgotten to this day what should be done with the shield of faith.


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