Thursday, September 1, 2011

Waterfall Surprise

Before we came home for the summer, Uncle T had found a surprise he wanted to share with us. After driving about 45 minutes in the boat, we got out and hiked through this. Sweet Cheeks could not even see over it!

We then walked through a creek bed.

And we discovered this! A 113 foot waterfall. It was cool and misty in the air. The water was shockingly-cold. The kids wasted no time finding a safe ledge and jumping into the bottom of the waterfall.
Yum, it's my husband. And kid.
Isn't it beautiful? Tennessee is beautiful!
We had to make a couple of rescue efforts. Little people scared to walk on the rocks kind of stuff.
My kids begged me to jump into the fall. As I swam to it, I was so cold, but I kept saying to myself, "I'm a good mom. I'm a good mom."
When I hit the water, I came right up, but I hyperventilated. It was just so cold and so surreal to come up to water spray in your face, in ice-cold water, in July!
What a beautiful piece of God's creation!

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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post . . . I cannot imagine anything more fun or more memorable than this. It is awesome to say the least. Daddy used to find secret places for us, but we never stumbled on a waterfall! I can only imagine what we would have done if we had.

This is definitely a memory of a lifetime. You all look like Swiss Family Robinson in this one! :)


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