Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some Snapshots from Nashville

Firstborn happily mowing the grass for her grandaddy (and all the while reminding us what good practice this is for driving one day!)

Entertaining the parents with costumes of back-to-school wear.
Sporting some Mr. and Mrs. attire. (I think all the grannys who bequeathed us these wigs would be proud.)
Fighting a few last battles.
Saying goodbye to Kim and her precious foster kids.
Having a quick catch-up with a high school friend.
Shooting the bad guys.
Someone asked me this week, "What was the highlight of your summer?" I really would say it is all these "little" things, the little joys of getting to be with people you love and who love you. Anyone ever feel like it's usually the little things?

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Tara G. said...

Yep- I get that! We were in Yevpratoria yesterday- great beach! We ate at this great Tatar restaurant and I thought of you- the food is more Middle Eastern down here.

Jennifer said...

It's always the little things! Cute pictures. I am sure the grandparents miss you all so much!

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