Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Campbells Camping: Part II (Down By the Creek Bank)

My daughters were thrilled that they got to act the part of Little House on the Prairie when we finished breakfast. I basically said, "Find some water and wash these up." The daughter pictured above, Miss Middler, is so adventurous sometimes, that she scares me! She headed out, tub on her hip, without a look back. She did find some water between two ridges. Straight down she went.

Later in the day, when I went down to the water via a winding back path, I glanced back up to see how far down they had come. It was so steep I wondered how they made it back up!

CC advised me later in the day that he felt eating off dirty plates might be preferable to eating off plates washed in that creek. Each time they pulled up a bit of water, they found little swimmy bugs with lots of legs and slimy bodies. I asked CC if he thought they might be parasites. He reminded me parasites can't be seen. So we decided these were non-microscopic parasites. And yes, I rinsed off the plates with our clean drinking water!

You know as much fun as a computer, tv, dvd, wii is for kids...nothing beats God's creation outdoors, in my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that there is no competition for God's creation!! Nothing in this world is as much fun or as satisfying as nature in some form. For me, it is a tremendous stress buster. Just walking outside and smelling fresh air relieves stress.

As for the dish washing . . . Okay Sara, this experienced-camper-with-her-grandmother should comment and say . . . ALWAYS boil your water unless you are sure of its source. We would camp on river banks and you most definitely never use river water unless it is thoroughly boiled first.

Could be you thought of this but didn't have a source for fire. Camping is not camping without a campfire. Boil your water! Then you can use it to make coffee or wash dishes, etc.

Also, always best to take water from a source that is running, if possible.

Camping trips should be planned around a source of water. :)

I realize you might know all of this already and were out on your adventure for a different purpose. You can also boil your dishes . . . I've seen that done as well. My grandmother was as clean as they get. I always said she was part pioneer because she knew how to do everything when modern conveniences were not available.

When we camped we took some prepared foods but mostly flour, sugar, salt, pepper, cornmeal, Crisco (lard or fat of some kind), coffee. Powdered drink mixes would be the thing for kids, bacon, or something of that type. I know you are limited where you are. Also, one good stout pot (preferably iron) deep with a lid and handle will cook anything over the fire. I've had apple pie out of one of those (canned apples, flour, sugar, etc.), homemade biscuits, you name it. Nothing tastes better than simple homecooked food over a campfire.

I still say you need an alligator or two . . . Ha, ha.

Bottom line is no matter how you do it, camping is a lot of fun. Oh, and to tell you how I was camping . . . I took my nightgown and slept on a cot. I was not a ground sleeper. You can tell I did not inherit the camping genes. I also took a good book to read. :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Looks like fun! Carl wants us to go camping. I am not so much a camper but Evie would love it.

Mandy said...

Fun Camping Trip!!! And yes, PLEASE use the train cake idea! Easy and cute! Hope yall are doing well!

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