Thursday, September 8, 2011

Traditional First Day Pictures

Well, we've been back in Turkey for 3 weeks. They've been filled with in-service meetings and finishing projects to kick off the 2011-12 school year. And the day has arrived. School started on Monday. This is the 8th official year for Oasis International School. The afternoon before, we pulled out all the school supplies, some recycled from last year, some bought at Walmart and brought back in luggage. We chose, we sorted, we labeled. We packed lunches in new lunchboxes. We went to bed, excited about what the new day would hold. And at promptly 4AM the two middle girls were wide-awake, far too excited about the new year.

Big Ben noticed everyone getting dressed, packing up backpacks. He stripped down and said, "Mama, you get me dressed? I go with you?" Poor little guy, he just sobbed when we left! Knowing I had some responsibilities at school that morning, I opted to let him stay home with a sweet gal who came to watch him for us (who, upon my return, said she never knew she could play cars for 2 solid hours!)

We went downstairs and took our first day pictures with fingers showing grade level, a tradition from my childhood.

4th grade

1st grade

5th grade

7th grade (What?!)

Happy first day, girls!

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Anonymous said...

I keep saying I am not going to comment SO much but rather read and enjoy in silence. Just when I say that to myself, then you post something like this . . .

Ben tugged at my heart. Poor little man. So good you are very close by and don't have to be gone long.

The girls looked prettier than ever. I'm not just saying that.

Ah . . . . Time marches on.


Tara G. said...

They're all so unique and beautiful!! What a fun tradition!

Well, we're headed north again. We've stopped for the night and I feel like we've spent the day driving through a field. I kicked myself for not packing enough dresses and just a skirt for the little one as we got a squatty potty at the gas station.

Unknown said...

Cool. Reminds me of my first days at ICS.

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