Friday, September 16, 2011

Making Math Fun

I may have mentioned this before, but both CC and I love literature and writing. Math isn't exactly a strong suit for either of us. So we weren't surprised when we began producing children who were the same. However, when you have 5 of them, you do start to see genetic trends that surprise you. I have one that even says math's her favorite subject!

Firstborn makes A's in math, but she studies for them. This year, she is starting Pre-Algebra with my all-time favorite math teacher in the whole world and dear friend, Miss Morton. Rather than assign them problem after problem of subtracting positive numbers from negative ones, she sent home a paper last night where they had to find age differences between famous mathematicians (some born AD, some born BC). Same concept, but a lot more interesting.

I am not quite sure what this assignment was, but I found these pictures on my camera this morning. It involves integers. It involves candy. It involves math. It has Miss Morton's name written all over it!

And the really amazing thing is that Miss Morton is smart enough to design rockets, but she chose to teach. I like people like that.
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