Friday, September 9, 2011

Meeting Up with our Chums

The school is basically our home away from home, so there's really never been any tears on the first day from our kids. As you can see, Sweet Cheeks is all about the social possibilites of returning to school.

Pretty much all morning, during the assembly and directions and cheer, she was either grinning, hugging, turning around, or somehow reconnecting with her friends.

Miss Middler was happy to get back with her gang. Isn't this picture cute? It includes America, Korea,
Gambia, Kosovo.

And Twinkle Toes was hugging old friends and making some new. In fact, as a new family entered and I found out they had a 5th grade daughter, I took the girl straight to my daughter and said, "She'll take care of you today!"

Firstborn was more than a little excited to get to be in a dress code rather than a uniform now that she has hit Secondary. In fact, I had all of the information about what she planned to wear the first day, far before the first day!

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Anonymous said...

School is school and kids are wonderful.

I bet you've had an earful of news and 'goings on' . . I love that part myself. I still get the school news even from a little girl in Virginia. She has to call Mom and tell her the news of the day.

Love it!


NomadicOne said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe some of my first 4th graders are in 7th grade. I feel old now :) Hope the first day of school went well. We've been in full swing here since August and I have added new 3rd graders from 7 to 9 and maybe 10 (this is big for my school :) ). Happy First day!

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