Thursday, September 15, 2011


My friend T and I went to the mall yesterday. She'd had a long week inside with kids who were sick. I'd finally recovered from the chaos of the first week of school. I needed a few things before the weekend, and I always welcome her company. We decided to stop at the food court and get our toddlers a piece of pizza. In this indoor mall, you occasionally see birds. I am not quite sure where they fly in, but they most certainly know to head to the food court for crumbs of bread. Just as we were finishing our meal, T noticed her daughter had a tissue trying to wipe a mess from our table. BIRD POOP! That naughty bird flew right above us, perched, and aimed for our table! The poor sweet little 2 year old darling was just cleaning up the poop for us.

Here's the bird, aimed and ready.

Here's the helpful little darling.

BULLSEYE! (Laurie, I hope you are reading this. I thought of you the whole time!)
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Tara G. said...

What a sweetheart to clean up such a yucky mess! I had the older two on a picnic in CA once and a seagull pooped on one's hand and while we were cleaning it up, he came around and stole a sandwich in the baggie right off the table! Of course, there were major tears and everyone who saw the bird gave us glares as if we hadn't seen the "do not feed" signs!

Laurie said...

I am reading this and it made me shudder! I would have had to go outside!!!!! I love you sweet friend!

Deena said...


What a sweet little one to be helping her mama!

Poor Laurie would have left the mall. Don't worry Laurie, birds freak me out a little too. I used to hang a birdhouse that had been sealed up - No Vacancy!

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