Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hubs Gone

Last week CC was gone to Japan for a short conference for our organization. He ended up stuck in China for an extra day because of a typhoon off the coast of Japan. He emailed to tell me that the airline had put him up in a hotel, which would be free of charge if he took a roommate. (!) He did! I emailed and said, "What if he is an ax murderer?!" CC emailed back, "He has no ax. Just a saw, and he's sawing logs all night long!" He was also fed three square meals of rice and cabbage while he was there. Needless to say, while he was gone, we missed him. And I suppose while eating only rice and cabbage, he missed us too.

My good friend T's husband was gone, too, so we arranged some time together to pass the single-mommy days quicker.

We had a playday at the park, complete with some little Turkish friends and some bubbles to pop.

We also had lunch together. (Isn't her handprint table wonderful?)
T made me my new all-time favorite Turkish salad...roka (not sure what this is in English but it is a very bitter, delicious lettuce), tomatoes, feta, green olives, walnuts, and nar esmesi (pomegranate dressing)!
Then later in the week, we brought our two families together for a meal of homemade pizza. Everyone has a buddy between her 5 and my 5.

Thanks for making our week a little easier with fellowship!

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Tara G. said...

I have a friend like that and I'm dreading November- they move. :(

Nancie McClintock said...

If my hub were to do something like yours did, my very first response will be,"What if he is an ex-con?!" Hey, great mind thinks alike!

Btw, your salad does sound great. I maybe tempted to try to make it.

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