Saturday, September 24, 2011

Campbells Camping: Part VII (S'mores and More)

Perhaps the most anticipated event of our campout was the fire we were going to build. The kids collected brush, pine cones, twigs, and sticks all day. CC built us a great fire. We had a bag of charcoal starter in the van, but he didn't need it! I had been given a gift of some USA hotdogs, and I froze them to save them for this weekend. I think everyone ate at least 2!

And of course our side dish was s'mores. We made the Turkish version. Little biscuits (a mildly sweet cracker) for the graham crackers, thick chocolate bars for the Hershey's, miniature marshmallows that we squeezed together for the jumbo marshmallows. They were perfect!

And as the sun set the second night, it began to get much colder. We were thankful for the heat from our fire. There were several fire pits left behind, and we surmised they were from shepherds out tending their flocks at night. In this country, that is most likely correct. We had a wonderful weekend. On our drive home late Saturday night, we passed through a little town. It had a one lane road and no stop signs. It was tiny. But everyone in the town gathered for a wedding in a field. We stopped and watched for a bit. Then all the Campbellkids dozed off on the drive home, and CC got us home to our comfy beds. Thank you, God, for weekends that remind us of the world out there You created!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the fire and the sturdy pot! I am laughing . . . I wondered if you had a fire. What is camping without the fire, huh?

So glad to see my faith renewed. LOL

Turkish smores! Can't beat that with a stick, can you?

Wonderful posts about your camping trip. Hope I haven't commented too much. You always trigger such memories for me. Our families must have been very similar in a lot of ways.

But I still say you need the alligator-watching campout experience. :)

Precious memories all!


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