Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cultural Tidbit

Big Ben has been so sad to see his sisters go, so I offered one day to take him to the park. On the way, we saw this.

A man brought a truckload of fruits and vegetables to sell to anyone who wanted to come down and buy from him.
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Anonymous said...

Not long ago Matt was home from school with Karoline and they wanted to get out and "ride around" because it was such a pretty day. Matt wanted to ride places just looking like he and I always did when he was little, after we dropped everyone off for school. He was always my companion in those days. Now he is his dad's constant companion. No matter what time he goes to bed on Friday nights (our late night up), he pops up early on Saturday to head out the door with Dave bound for who knows where or what. He still likes to go with me even if I am just going to the store for a gallon of milk. That is a precious relationship and one I cherish.

Thinking about you and Ben reminded me of that.


P. S. Matt was actually with me as I shopped for houses when we got ready to move. He knew floor plans as well as any realtor would have. :)

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