Thursday, September 22, 2011

Campbells Camping Part V (Adventure Girl)

On almost every vacation in Turkey, CC wants to go on a hike. He's pushed the kids really hard in the past, and I've been very impressed by them. (from my station back in the hotel, watching over the sleeping infant.) They are troopers. Once we even took them up a rock cliff that Alexander the Great decided was too hard to climb with his troops! This weekend CC gave the kids a choice if they wanted to go or stay back. Only Miss Middler went. She's always up for an adventure.

And she made it to the top. We could see two little dots up there and flashed a mirror in the sun so they could see us.

Here's another panoramic view of our location. Do you see the little dots? They are homes.

Here's a closer one. We determined this must be just a little logging town. At night, none of these homes had electricity. My kids said, "Really?! That is SO cool." I think I'll remind them of that when our power goes out here at home, as it does weekly.

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Anonymous said...

Sara, it is a real shame that your girls and my boys are not closer to the same age. :) I have one son who has prayed for God to give him his wife since he was a little boy. He still prays about it. He wants a girl who loves adventure and will go with him everywhere. He says they will do everything together and wait to have kids until they have been married awhile and had their adventures. He does not want a maid but said they will share taking care of the house and kids . . . If I have ever seen a young man need his wife early (early, as in when it is time), it is Matt.

He is the most precious thing and will make an outstanding husband. His wife will be his all and together they will serve G.!

Ahhhh . . . But at last, Miss Middler will not even be old enough to give him the time of day when he is old enough. :)

She is beautiful, too, and will make some boy a wonderful, wonderful wife when it is time for her!


Sara Campbell said...

Mel, tell them to just hang on!!! We'll get there. :) (I'm all for arranged marriages.)

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