Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How We Celebrated Big Ben's 3rd!

My big little guy turned 3 on Monday! I have another post in mind about how God gave him to us, but thought I'd just get these pictures posted today for all those grands and aunts and uncles and friends who love my kids! We celebrated on Sunday night with pizza and cake and ice cream. CC, as the director of the school, invites all new students for a pizza and Coke lunch in his office. So, basically, he eats pizza every day for 2 weeks! So we thought we'd get his week off to a good start with a pizza night! I had made this train cake, with an idea I got from my friend (and sis in law of my sis in law). See her blog here: Mandy 
It seemed perfect, as I bought him a train set last summer to open for his birthday. No licorice for the train tracks, but hey, we do what we can over here in Turkey! As always, I bake the cake, get ready to serve it, and then am reminded by CC that birthday cake can't be served without ice cream. One Campbell girl popped up to run downstairs and buy some ice cream. (Apartment living can have its' advantages.)

After singing and cake, we headed to the den for presents. This gift was a favorite. Spidey on a four-wheeler. It can't get much better. CC noted that Spidey now wears a helmet. How safety conscious he has become.

B's Campbell grands also gave him a Spidey mask. I wondered if he might be afraid, but not Big Ben. I think we all know what he will be for Halloween. Or maybe CC will be Spidey...those of you who've read this blog for awhile will remember this post: Halloween

He received a sword and laser gun from his Fish cousins. The photo below was not posed. CC really did steal Big Ben's new toys.

Grandma got Big Ben some cute new long-sleeved t's and warm up pants. He liked them all so much, he wanted to change clothes multiple times during the day between his two new shirts.

Two of his sisters found this treasure in a trash dump, cleaned it up, and presented it to Big Ben for his birthday.

And his final gift was the new train set.

The next morning, on his actual birthday, we went to the school at 8AM and let the staff sing to Big Ben and his birthday buddy, Mr. Elliott. After Mr. E blew out the candle, B was upset that he didn't get to, so we re-lit it and let him have a turn. Happy 3rd birthday, Big Ben!  We wouldn't have been complete Campbells without you! We love you!

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Tara G. said...

Fun!! THe cake looks great and who wants licorice tainted with frosting anyway?! Um, love your rugs, too! :)

Rebecca said...

Yesterday was my birthday too! I'm proud to share it with your sweet little guy! I have never posted a comment on your blog but I read it through my daughter's blog, the same way I read so many of the others! : )
I'm glad Ben had such a great day and got some really nice gifts and love from all those who do love him! You have a precious family!

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