Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A new Italian embassy family came to our school last year, and we quickly became friends. Their daughter was in Sweet Cheeks' class, and they also began attending our local fellowship. Recently, they even moved to our street to be near friends and the school. So, on their moving day, I took down a loaf of fresh, hot bread (breadmaker, yea!) and a plate of cut fruit to provide some eats on their stressful moving day.

My friend returned the plate to me along with this amazing homemade dessert inside her cake plate. As you can see, I didn't get a picture before the devouring began.

And so, when we finished her tart, I sent HER plate with another loaf of bread, as they mentioned how much they enjoyed it. And so it goes here. If a neighbor gives you food, you return her plate with something of your own on it. When the last plate gets to the last owner, the exchange is done. I once had a dear Turkish friend return my plate with a bag of chips on it. I said, "Oh, you are so busy, you don't need to give me food back!" She said, "I have to! I am Turkish!" It is unthinkable for them not to do this. And to be honest, I rather like this way of doing it.
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Unknown said...

That tart does look yummy!!

That's a cool tradition! :)

Just found your blog through Laurie's.

Nanette R. said...

I think she needs to share the recipe for that tart . . . looks yummy! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tradition! Turkish people would fit right in the southern United States!



Natalie Redway said...

Haha. Turkish comment i liked a lot

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