Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Water Sports

We are blessed to have parents/grandparents with a lake house to enjoy with us and a brother who hauls us around in his boat. (Think 11 kids in one boat!) We all have our different skills/abilities/interests on the water; here are some of them:

Riding in the boat.

Trying new things like wake-boarding. (Yum, it's CC.)

Helping drive the boat.

Trying to lean on your buddy-cousin in that bulky life jacket.



Learning new skills.


The common theme here is just time together. Thanks for the fun water weekends!!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, these are my favorite pictures of your little man. I LOVE the hat, love the expression on his face leaning on his cousin . . . Too cute! He has so much expression on his face! :)


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